Memorials, Honors, and Donors

Honors and memorials can be sent to Wild and Free at P.O. Box 241, Garrison MN 56450. Brochures and envelopes are available upon request for services. All honors and memorials will be acknowledged on our website.

We will update this information every January.

Honors and Memorials



Amy Sharpe


Trudi Amundson

Kris Lyons

Patrick and Kristin Grant

Doug and Karen Wasko

Sally Alexander

Allyson Richey

Betty White

Betsy Nordgaard

Tommy and Arlo Sandelands

Mary Sandelands

Mark and Jackie Herman

Jennifer Higgins

2023 Donors and Sponsors

Joseph and Janet Albrecht

Tedd & Julie Hauser

Mitchell and Mary Roach

Linda Antil

Linda Himmelright

James Robertson

Debra Aske

Jamie Hogan

Bill Rodgers

Harold Baillif

Paige Holmgren

Mark and Rebecca Roloff

Eric Chaapel and Gail Bernier

Dean and Sherry Hoult

Nancy Sadusky-Krantz

Nicholle Berthiaume

Steven and Sandra Hunt

Dan and Bonnie Santarsiero

Rodney & Val Bosworth

Avery Hunt

Chuck and Nancy Schotzko

Mary Jo Boughner

Tom and Mary Jo Huntley

Birgit Schwartzenberger

William and Lisa Bradford

John Hursh

Mark Schwegman

Brian and Kari Bunkers

Sandra Janzen

Renee Richardson

Jim and Debra Campbell

Ed and Chris Klause

Jennifer Sheets

Scott and Bonnie Christensen

Andrew Kokesh

Susan Smith

Lori Cocking

Christine Krause

Michele Spasojevich

Cinda Conklin

Irvin Krebs

Bernadette Steele

Rodney and Avis Converse

Ann Kurr

Stacey Tamulinas

Rodney & Avis Converse

Beth Lavan

John Thomas

Barbara Dahlquist

Karolyn Leno

John Thomas

Rhoda Drake

Steven Lewis

Kate Thunstrom

Phyllis Drewyer

Kris Lyons

Richard Tollefson

Trace Ellward

Dianne McDonald

Mille Lacs Drift Skippers

James Reuper and Sue Eskedahl

Gerry Mealey

Open Door Bird Sanctuary

Ashley Fargo

Rob Miller & Kathleen Snow-Miller

Garrison Seniors Club

Mary Forte

Wayne Miller

Smith & Holt Lake Assoc.

Stephanie Foster

Elizabeth Miller

Garrison Commercial Club

Brandon Garvey & Megan Ringsred

Dennis and Nancy Mills

TL Auto Glass

Lowell & Vonnie Geisthardt

John & Maria Minten

Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue

Khamsin Giedd

CJ Morgan


Susan Gifford

Stephen & Denise Park

Mooers Electric

Joyce Gindorff

Deb Pastoors

Nord Lake Association

Patrick and Kristin Grant

John and Linda Peck

Open Door Bird Sanctuary

Brian and Kathleen Hahn

Michael and Lynn Fleming Pederson

Jim and Karen Porath

Mary Kay Harris

Merry Lee Pinz

Scott Ransom